Flexibility Beyond The Sensor

Data-driven enterprises rely on us to minimize data privacy risk and achieve regulatory compliance while freeing them to use advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract the maximum value from the sensitive personal data they collect, manage and use.

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We loathe expense products. And that’s precisely why we set out to eliminate it. We dream of a world where expense products doesn’t take the front seat in your home life. Instead, it’s just an engine running smoothly in the backyard.

We’re definitely not the first ones here. But, we’re positively the first ones who are the closest to solving it.

We’re growing Life to solve all your expense management woes, not add to it.

Ever wondered what a whirlpool with will a million happy people would look like? That’s Life, for you. Life is nothing short of a vortex with a bottomless pit filled with enthusiasm and fun.

Generate more leads from social media with booking links that go direct to your class schedule.

De-Identification & Policy Management

Maximize privacy and utility of datasets across multiple environments, with state-of-the-art de-identification techniques. Life is easy-to-use when a management interface allows non-technical users to author, review and manage data protection policies.


Innovatiopn Platform

We are a technology-driven hotel company, offering luxury furnished suites in downtown locations across the country.


Value your emotional well-being

Our accommodation offer three times the space of a hotel room, with full kitchens, living rooms, washers and dryers, and elegant workspaces.


Appreciate what you have

Target people who visit your website with relevant ads on their social media newsfeeds.


Members Have a Personalised Experience

Get your brand into your members' hands. Now they can book classes, join waitlists, set up payment details, make purchases and keep up-to-date with news about your studio.



Manage and Grow the Business Effectively

Our members can easily make payments via credit card or direct debit. Our management software integrates with the most reliable payment providers from all over the world, giving you coverage at home and overseas.



Manages the Challenges

One of the key differentiators at our company is that everybody trusts you. Be it the founders or my colleagues, I have always been treated with the utmost trust. The freedom to work from home, also helps maintain a good work-life balance.



Sales Tools

We combines technology and human touch to guide individuals to the right level of care at the right time. Each employee has access to a full spectrum of support in a single platform to meet their unique needs.


Marketing Tools

Our self-service check-in and in-app store integration will help you to streamline processes and save time that you can re-invest in other areas of your business!


Get Started Now

Evidence-based therapy from high-quality licensed clinicians through in-person visits or over video. Engaging evidence-based courses and mediation developed by clinical psychologists


Management Tools

The best websites in the world have Blogs. They generate hundreds of not thousands of indexed pages which allow high ranking within search engines. This theme hasn’t left it out.



We use a technology that makes us the hotel experts. Whether skipping the front desk via mobile check-in or pre-stocking your suite’s fridge with all the foods you love, you’ll have access to all the hotel services you love and more.



Knowledge Base

Travel across life and have spacious and comfortable rooms. All of our units feature full kitchens, washers and dryers, and Smart TVs. They are the perfect spaces for lounging with friends or taking on a tough deadline.



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