Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

In my Vue app, I use a v-data-table, and the column values are rendered using a render function inside a functional component like so:

render(createElement) {
    if (this.$props.format) {
      return this.$props.format(this.item, this.index, createElement);
    return createElement('div', this.getText());

and then in my format function (which is part of an object in a separate file), you can use createElement to create an hTML element and return it. Here's an example from another part of the app:

format: (template, index, createElement) => {
    const captureType = template.captureType === 'passphrase' ? 'voice' : template.captureType;
    return createElement('div', captureType);

So with all that, I'm trying to do something fairly complex, which is a Vuetify icon with a badge. Here's the code from the Vuetify docs.

<v-badge left>
  <template v-slot:badge>
    color="grey lighten-1"

As a starting point, I can create the basic badge HTML just fine

    format: (item, index, createElement) => {
      const propsObj = {
        attrs: {
          color: 'blue',
        props: {
          overlap: true,
          left: true,
        slots: {
          badge: 'dummy',
      return createElement('v-badge', propsObj, [createElement('v-icon', { attrs: { color: 'success', large: true } }, 'account_circle')]);

That gets me almost there, in that it shows my icon, and it's wrapped with the badge element, although no badge content is displayed:

<span class="v-badge v-badge--left v-badge--overlap">
  <i aria ....>account_circle></a>

My issue is getting the display value to the badge slot. What am I missing to do that?